I am a qualified English to German translator with an MA in Audiovisual Translation Studies from the University of Leeds.

I worked as an in-house translator for four years, for an e-commerce company and a translation agency, and have been a freelance translator for over one year now. 


As a freelance translator, I offer English to German translation, editing, proofreading, and content editing services.

I specialise in marketing, e-commerce, culinary, and gaming/betting translation.


I have over five years' experience in the translation industry and have worked with agencies as well as direct clients. Previously, I translated for the lighting industry and e-commerce companies as well as digital marketing agencies.

As a German native speaker who lived in the UK for six years, I understand cultural references and implications.

My linguistic knowledge derives from my studies in English Language and Literature, North American Studies, and Italian Studies at the University of Leeds and the Free University of Berlin.

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